Death of a Deep Fryer

I know I’m going to get some negative comments about this one but I have a confession to make. I love my deep fryer. I know, fried foods are bad. But listen. If you’re going to eat something fried, isn’t it better to make it yourself with ingredients you know than to go to the fast food drive-thru and order something that is full of frozen ingredients you can’t pronounce? And if you don’t eat it everyday, I think it’s ok.

One night, I started to make french fries. I turned on the fryer and when the oil reached °375, I plunked them in the basket and lowered it into the hot oil. Within a minute, I noticed the oil wasn’t bubbling violently anymore. It was more of a lazy simmer. Oh no. This is not good for french fries. If you’re oil temperature drops too low, the french fries will just suck up the oil like a sponge but never get crispy. After a few more minutes and a batch of ruined fries, I gave up the fight. The deep fryer was dead.

I was still determined to make french fries. After draining the soggy ones, I put them away in the freezer for a future batch of dog food. I like to repurpose things. There are so many ways we can reduce waste in the kitchen. We throw away so much food as a nation each year, it’s pitiful. But that’s another post.

I got out the dutch oven, transferred the oil to it, and turned on the largest burner on the stove. I waited. It wasn’t getting very hot. I turned up the heat and waited some more. I shot it with my infrared temperature gun and it wasn’t even at °200! After about an hour we still hadn’t reached anywhere near hot enough so I turned the burner all the way on high and kept checking it every few minutes. The highest I could get it to go was about °302.

I got tired of waiting so I went to go sit down, thinking that if maybe I watched an episode of hoarders on Hulu, it would be hot enough by then. Very bad idea. Next thing I hear is my husband yelling at me from the kitchen that I broke yet another stove. The burner turned off, and there was an error code that would not go away. We turned off the breaker outside and tried to reset it. Didn’t work. My second attempt at french fries failed. This is why I need to convert my kitchen to commercial grade someday.

The next day I began researching that error code to see what it meant. I found conflicting information. It was either a dead burner, or it just overheated and shut down as a safety measure. Either way, it was going to require a repair person and lots of money. But then a miracle occurred. A few days later after mourning the death of stovetop number three, a miracle happened. I was wiping down the glass top and didn’t have the touch control buttons locked. So as I wiped over the buttons, the burners were turning on. The big burner lit up too! It came back from the dead! The error code was gone and it appeared to be functioning perfectly normal.

That was pretty lucky. This story was supposed to be about deep fryers so I guess the point of it all is that it is really really worth getting one if you’re going to be trying to deep fry anything. The stove top is just messy, dangerous, and inefficient. I was so happy my stove was working again, but my husband went on Amazon and ordered me a new deep fryer that day because I am never going to try that again.

Ramen with Asian Fish Balls

Ramen with Asian Fish Balls

Ok so maybe the title doesn’t make you want to run into the kitchen and make this right now. But you should! It’s economical, healthy, and quick. Well, I’m stretching the truth a little. It’s not quick if you are just now making the fish balls and then decide to make three other varieties of meatballs at the same time. Who would do that? Me—at midnight. Read More →

Chicken Bone broth

Chicken Bone Broth

Making your own bone broth is such a good idea. No really. If you make nothing else all month, you have to make some chicken bone broth. First of all it’s easy. Second, its economical, third, it’s so versatile, and fourth, it’s good!!!

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IMG_6654It was one of those nights where I kept putting off dinner because I didn’t know what to make and I thought I didn’t have anything to make anything with, even though my freezer and pantry was full. But I was missing one ingredient for every possible recipe I could think of, but it’s so hot here in Scottsdale right now, so I didn’t want to leave the house, cook, clean, or do laundry. Basically, I don’t want to move until midnight when it’s finally down to at least 97 degrees outside.

I recently purchased this new cookbook called “Paleo Take-out.” As it turns out, the majority of the recipes are Asian, and it’s not exactly what some would deem strict paleo. Nonetheless, the dishes have been quite good.  So, the other day, I ventured out in this crazy heat and made a trip to one of the Asian grocery stores to stock up on some of the items listed in the book that were essential for cooking some of these recipes. I didn’t really have a plan, but I figured if I had some of them on hand, they would become useful at some point. So ha-ha! They were! Read More →

Tuscan Chicken Mushroom Rice Casserole

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Crispy Shrimp Tacos

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