Vegan Update

It occurred to me that I have not updated my vegan status lately. Well, the experiment went well. I decided to continue this lifestyle. To date, Chauncey and I are 100% vegan. Korey is about 75 %. Kristoffer will eat anything I put in front of him vegan or carnivore. Darrell can deal with it about 5 days out of 7.  My “go to” cookbook when I need some basic inspiration has been Veganomicon.

So has my health gotten better? Well, I avoided surgery for my skin cancer. I can’t prove that was due to my veganism but I know that the topical cream has cured my spots and the doctor has postponed surgery. My stomach problems have disappeared. I have not continued to drop as much weight as I had hoped but I must admit, I’m not eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as I should. I’m loving all the breads, and non-meat meats I have discovered. I love rice and beans, and tempeh and tofu and noodles. So admittedly I am still consuming way too many carbs but I’m working on it. And I admit I have not been exercising like I should. This is all still new to me. Everyone in the house has gotten sick now with a fever and aches and sniffles. But I’m still going. I hope it doesn’t catch up with me now that Thanksgiving is coming. Nobody will eat if that happens.

This is a very trying time for me. Usually I would be consuming a lot of animal products this time of year. I told Chauncey that I was thinking of eating cheese and salami with crackers and apples on Thanksgiving day. He quickly put me in my place by asking me “Are you really going to eat meat?” So I decided I would not partake, but I am still contemplating the cheese. Chauncey brought up a good point. If I allow myself to indulge in the cheese this time, it may have consequences and setbacks. I may very well find it hard to go back to my vegan diet. I think I am going to take his advice and be good.

This year’s Thanksgiving will be a bit difficult but I can do it. I trained for this. Make a good prep list and it will all go smoothly. I just have to make two versions of everything. No big deal.


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