Vegan Indian

I bought a new Indian vegan cookbook today. Read More →

Production Mode

I don’t know what got into me today. This morning I felt horrible. This evening I found new energy after drinking two Emergen-C’s and started cooking in every direction. Read More →

Vegan Update

It occurred to me that I have not updated my vegan status lately. Well, the experiment went well. I decided to continue this lifestyle. Read More →

Taste Everything

About the most important thing I can advise you when cooking is to taste, taste, and taste again. Read More →

Becoming Vegan

I’ve given myself a challenge. Can I go one week as a vegan? Read More →

Pie Crust

I Made Pie Crust!

Finally, I have braved pie crust once again, and this time, it was a success. I had some extra peaches to use up so we had a peach pie. The only problem was, I was so into getting the crust right, that I neglected the filling a bit. I added a bit too much flour, not enough sugar. Next time will be better. Read More →