Freezing Vegetables


Too Many Vegetables

Sometimes I don’t know what I was thinking. I made a huge purchase at Winco the other day. The problem was, I couldn’t fit it in my refrigerator in its original form, nor could I use up the amount of produce I bought before it would go bad. So, I had to chop, prep, condense and freeze.

freezing vegetables

I want to share a tip that really makes a difference in freezing vegetables for ease of use, and quality of your veggies. I’ve made the terrible mistake of throwing all the vegetables in a ziplock bag and freezing them together. Guess what? Now you have to defrost the whole bag because they’re stuck together in a big block.

Here’s the best way of freezing vegetables to make it easier later on.  Cut up the veggies into similar size pieces, blanch in boiling water, drain, then spread out on a sheet pan and cool to room temperature. Then make some temporary room in the freezer and freeze the whole pan. A few hours later, take out the pan, bang it on the countertop and put the pieces in a ziplock bag. Bang the bag on the counter somewhat gently if a few clumps remain, then put the bag in the freezer. Now you have usable veggies that you can remove just the amount you need.

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